A Dedicated Team to Help When Needed

We're in your corner to help with the website tasks you don't want to deal with.


Is updating and troubleshooting your WordPress site a giant headache?

We get it. You're trying to spin a million other plates while running your business and you probably fall in to one of these scenarios:

Tech ain't your thing...

and you really don't want to spend hours trying to remember how the heck you edit the text on your homepage's opt in.

You're a pro at making small changes to your site...

but now something funky is happening to the layout on one of your pages and you're not sure what's causing it.

You're killin' it in your business...

and while you know how to do all the techie things on your site, you're too busy rocking out in your zone of genius to make the time to keep your site current.

So instead of updating your website to reflect who you serve best today (instead of a year ago) you find other things to do and you'll "maybe get to them later".

You don't get excited to do the nerdy stuff - like we don't get excited to do laundry

And that's ok!

It just means you're meant to focus on a different zone of genius for your business and leave the nerdy tech tasks to someone who jumps for joy when handling the inner workings of websites, integrations, and sales funnel automations.

So go focus on the creative, engaging, and other parts of your business that are fun for you, and feel like a superstar for getting rid of the headaches on your to-do list by taking advantage of an Hourly Bites package.


How Hourly Bites Work

Step 1

Partner up

Agree to the terms and pick your package.

Step 2

Send Tasks

You send over what you need done + we'll schedule it for completion.

Step 3

Feel fat and sassy

Sit back and relax. You're getting stuff done without lifting a finger.

Hourly Bites are limited because as much as we love tinkering with WordPress, we also love Netflix and naps. We typically only take on 20-25 hours a month in support tasks through Hourly Bites retainers.

That's good news for you! The dedicated time built into our schedule for retainer tasks means we will be able to tend to your needs more quickly, with a turnaround of a couple business days instead of waiting weeks or months like some larger projects.

Service levels

Every package is set as a one-time purchase and it's up to you how quickly or slowly you want to use up the time available within that package.

Normal invoiced work requires a 30 minute minimum charge, regardless of the time it takes to complete. With our pre-paid Hourly Bites there is no minimum!

Example: If a task only takes 5 minutes to complete, then 5 minutes will be deducted from the time remaining in your retainer.


$150 one-time

up to 2 hours
good for 90 days


$370 one-time

up to 5 hours
good for 90 days


$730 one-time

up to 10 hours
good for 90 days