Domain and DNS Magement

You can count on us to take care of the whole shebang. Whether it's new domain purchases or renewals. And those tricky DNS record acrobatics? Leave them to us – we're all over it, making sure you're good to go!

wp underdog domain registration

Domain Registration

We're your domain superheroes – nabbing that perfect domain? Consider it done! If your dream name is taken, don't sweat it. We'll help you discover equally awesome alternatives.

Domain Privacy

Stealth mode – on. Worried about your personal deets going public? Say hello to domain privacy! It's like a magic cloak that keeps your private contact info under wraps. Some folks charge for this, but guess what? We've got you covered, no extra charge.

DNS Updates and Management

Endless DNS Tweaks with hosting! Here at WP Underdog, unlimited DNS updates come standard, no extra charge. Just tell us what moves you're making, and we'll handle the techy part. Forget the hassle of wrestling with DNS changes on your own.

Buy a domain with us but pointing to another host? As long as you're using our nameservers we'll update your DNS records at no extra charge.

.COM Domains Starting At

$ 14
  • Annual Domain Registration
  • Domain Privacy
  • Umlimited DNS Updates